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Second Public Apology To Carver & His Friends

Posted on Monday - March 19, 2018

Dear Carver;

I screwed up again. I let Aclevo take down the apology letter, therefore breaking the contract saying that I would keep it up. This caused me to break the trust that I did have with you. I also made up lies saying you are a fascist and that you were a bad person. This is not true, and I knew it from the beginning as you were the one that hosted the website and also hosted our Minecraft server. I made up lies about your friends saying that they were fascist and damn kids. This damaged not only your reputation but also your friends’ reputations, causing them to suffer from the pain I have caused. In totality, I have now caused more pain than I have last time.

I, Reasonably Selenium, sincerely apologize for all the damages I have caused to Carver Harrison and Alex Shulsinger, collectively Dorper, and any of it’s affiliates. This includes all false and defamatory statements regarding Dorper and its ongoing matters with Aclevo, especially those false allegations, which collectively constitute slander under United States law. As requested, I, Reasonably Selenium, and the entire group of Aclevo will CEASE AND DESIST making false and defamatory statements about Dorper and it’s affiliates. Any member found in violation of these rules will have all their roles removed and therefore be terminated from Aclevo effective the date of the release of this blog post.

This blog post shall remain on the Aclevo blog page, as well as be published to alternative sources such as Reasonably Selenium’s Tumblr, Reasonably Selenium’s Blogger, Aclevo’s Gab.AI, Aclevo’s SteemIt, Aclevo’s, and Aclevo’s backup Tumblr. Anyone found to delete or modify the post of these contents without the permission of Reasonably Selenium will be terminated as stated above effective this blog post’s release date. Dorper and it’s affiliates shall have copies of this letter and may republish this post where they see fit. If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at the following email address:

All references to any anti-fascist action regarding Aclevo shall not reference or mention Dorper or it’s affiliates. All activist programs Aclevo becomes involved in shall not cause disruption, discrimination, or harm to all of the victims who have suffered from the crimes that we have committed. As an agreement, Dorper shall not impose any restrictions, disruption, discrimination, or harm to Aclevo provided that this blog post stays on Aclevo’s blog post, Aclevo’s SteemIt, and Aclevo’s, and that shoutouts to Dorper are present on both @SeleniumReal and @AclevoReal’s Twitter Accounts, and that all drama be ceased effectively and that all parties are respected equally.

I thank you for reading this blog post, and I hope everyone involved can accept my apology, even though I broke your trusts once already. I hope we can all live in peace, and go about our lives peacefully without the essence of drama or hate. I deeply feel guilty for all of the crimes I have committed against others. I wish everyone a happy day, and a better life as we all move on to better things and ideas that make us successful. Please be sure to contact me at the following address if you have any questions or concerns, or wish to report a problems:

Thank You and Take Care

Reasonably Selenium

CEO and Founder of Aclevo