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Reconstruction – Content You Want To See (UPDATED)

Posted on Friday - September 14, 2018

Welcome back to my new blog everyone. I have decided to switch my main blog from Tumblr to Blogger*, and completely gave the website a great face-lift. I really hope you enjoy refresh, and I’d like to thank Google for providing a great blogging platform. With that being said, I’m currently going to be working on some changes to I distribute my content to benefit you, the viewers. As of this time, I am no longer using Tumblr to write any blog posts, and it is therefore inactive. I do not know if I will plan to use the service again. Now without further ado, here’s some information about what’s to come for you all, and what’s changed.

Personal Website: Announcements, Reviews, Tutorials, & Fun

Available at — You Are Here!

My main website, which uses the domain I got from Freenom (, is going to be all about Announcements, Reviews, Tutorials, and Fun. As my professional blog, only content that is considered to be professional will be available here. Anything that wouldn’t be considered professional, such as rants, vents, stories, creative writing, or any of the matter will not be seen here. Content that I would write for the Aclevo Blog is a great example of what would show up here. Here is a list of some of the titles of some of the blog posts for those who have not experienced it (Please note that these are not on this blog, but on the Aclevo Blog. More information below.):

  • Is NeverWare “CloudReady” for your laptop?
  • Discord’s New Policies – How They Affect You
  • Vegan Dairy-Free Oreo Milkshake (Ice Cream Optional)
  • Becoming An Adult – An Introduction
  • Make Your Own Slushie in Only 5 Easy Steps

Aclevo Website: Aclevo Announcements, Similar Content to Personal Website

Available at

Aclevo is a community-orientated content-creation group that I founded back in 2015. I usually write similar content to what you would see here on that website. Other people, such as my friends, also write their own content there from time to time. Again, you would not find unprofessional content there like rants and vents. We, however, may write about content that references a topic that may not be suitable for younger viewers. We do our best, however, to suit our reading material to the general population. Here are some examples of content that my friends have made over on the Aclevo Blog:

  • Mario Kart Tour – Review
  • Game Review – MapleStory 2
  • Arch Experiments #1 – Removing Pacman
  • Discord Terms of Service Update: Banning NSFW Cub Content
  • Artifical Intelligence: Surveillance is on the Rise

DeviantArt: Stories & Creative Writing

Available at

My DeviantArt is dedicated for the stories I write, as well as any Creative Writing I come up with. I sometimes write colorful poetry that reflects on the motions I percieve in life. Other times, ideas just pop up in my head and I decide to make something out of it. If this type of content interests you, then please feel free to check out some of the stuff I write there. Here are some examples of the content I’ve written before:

  • Colorful Waves [Small Poem]
  • Through The Hole [Small Poem]

With the recent reorganization I made, I hope everyone is happy with the changes I made. I feel that separating the three types of content will allow you all to see only the content you want to see, as I believe each are for a different audience. But what are your thoughts on the matter? Please comment down below what you think about these changes, what I can do to improve each of these blogs, and what I can do to improve the experience for all of you. Thanks for reading this blog post, and be sure to check back for more content soon.

See you next time!

*Some parts of this article have been changed to meet the current standards of my branding.