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The Success Of Aclevo: Over 50 Members & How To Make a Successful Group

Posted on Saturday - December 14, 2019

Welcome back to my blog. I’ve been very busy ever since the restart of Aclevo, and I’m here to tell you that it’s become very successful. I never thought I would make it this far in my lifetime to have to have so many members part of this group I founded and run to this day. I have to thank everyone on this big team, and everyone who has been in the past for bringing us to where we are today. Therefore, to give thanks, I will be talking about how I have made it this far, and what you can do to achieve the success I have made with Aclevo.

1. Never Give Up

I cannot stress this enough to anyone who wishes to work toward their goals in general. Back when I started participating in this business of making these groups, I had exactly zero (0) members. Any members that I did have in those old groups either left after a day or so, or ended up destroying the group inside out. This ended up ruining the group from the inside out and left no use for it anymore. But when those failures happened, I decided to hold on and keep trying to make a successful group by simply starting over.

Even Aclevo had it’s own failures during it’s lifetime. One of the most famous examples is a failed merger that never took place due to several reasons that I do not wish to talk about. It is even still talked about in private to this day, and we always look back to see what we could have done better. There was even a time when Aclevo was acquired under a specific group when I needed to take a break. This however did not stop me from getting it back. My point is that you should never give up on your goals, and strive to achieve them by the means necessary.

2. Ask Around

While this may seem either obvious or ridiculous, I trust you this is one of the best way to find more members for the group you are making. In fact, I think it would only be ridiculous if we weren’t talking the latest tech that let’s you connect with everyone here. Some people may actually hate you for asking them to join your group, and may go after your group later on. This should not discourage you from asking around to gain the power and the speed you are looking for. As a wise tale once said, the word of mouth is the most powerful way to spread the news and information.

In the modern day, it has become much easier to complete a task like this with the latest technology around. Considering that we have chat apps like Discord, Slack, Skype, Twitter (yes, you can DM people on there), and many others out there, it is really easy to find people that will interest you for your group. You shouldn’t go of the way of breaking the rules to ask people to come join your group, but these chat apps can really help you find new members and actually make some new friends. There are tons of people out there with different personalities that would love to help contribute for you, and they would possibly like to meet new friends as well to work with and grow as a team.

3. Be Accommodating — Compromise

As a person who works with many people who have a disability, accommodations are very important to keep my members happy. Even if certain people don’t have a disability, it makes people feel better when you are willing to offer compromises for any work or tasks that need to be done. Not everyone may be able to suit your requirements, and this may actually pressure them into later leaving you and your group. Further consequences such as hatred and damage to your reputation and/or organization may be inflicted if you are not careful enough.

One of the many examples of accommodations I’ve faced would be dealing away with deadlines. I once thought that deadlines would encourage my members to work together and get stuff done quicker when it did quite the contrary. When it caused a disaster on Aclevo’s part, I decided to get rid of deadlines entirely in exchange for an Experience System which rewards members for completing work. While you may not consider it a accommodation, I believe it is so as it helped reduce stress in our workforce and encouraged members to work for something. Basically, positive re-enforcement will make your life easier when you are growing.


Aclevo is a very successful group with over 50 members, and I hope you find this information useful if you wish to make your own version of such. I’ve had years of experience making my own brands and groups like this one, and I encourage those who lead in my footsteps to work hard toward your goals and never give up. Asking around and being accommodating when you can should get you where are heading. I am also always available to ask for help if you want to request it.

Thanks for reading this blog post. If this helped you, please be sure to leave a rating for me and be sure to tell me what I should do to improve my blog. I hope to be more active on here once I get to distributing work for Aclevo members. Remember, love is the strongest emotion you can ever experience.