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Stepping Down and Leaving Aclevo: A New Path in 2020

Posted on Saturday - February 29, 2020

For those who are wondering, the news is actually real. I have stepped down from my Owner role and left Aclevo as a whole on February 14th, 2020; the same day as Valentine’s Day. TheCodingGuy and Dottanarus are expected to continue running as Owners of that content-creation group, while Hayden has since token over my position. I also seperated myself from that community, losing all focus on it, removing myself from all the accounts associated with it, and making an entirely new public Discord that everyone can join. I wish everyone who is still part of Aclevo good luck with things going forward, especially fixing the mistakes I have made in the past and working towards making something from what I failed horribly with. I am not planning on returning anytime soon, and I am going to share a few reasons why I left Aclevo and what mistakes I have made in the past regarding this organization.

Why I Left Aclevo

As I’ve said before, there have been a few mistakes I have made in the past regarding Aclevo and myself as well that I hope to clarify. There were already some mistakes I made with Carver, which I apologized for in the last two posts which can be found on this website, but this is about the other mistakes I’ve made that do not relate to him, Entertainment Network, and Dorper that I want to come clean about. For privacy reasons, I cannot reveal some details about some of the mistakes as someone could easily take this information and use it inappropriately. That being said, please do not use this information to reveal personal information to stalk, dox, hurt, or harass others. I am hoping to come clean for the future, not dig myself further into the pit.

  • One of the biggest mistakes I made was getting myself involved with drama that I should not have, including with a few communities I was apart of in the past. Some of the drama also involved actions that could have very serious consequences if I did not think to stop them, nevertheless not participating in such acts at all. This heavily damaged Aclevo’s reputation and trustworthiness, causing people to leave and making an unsafe environment for everyone involved with it. Had I not gotten myself involved, there would be a better community today.
  • Another big mistake I made was stealing another person’s art multiple times and trying to use it to represent pieces of the organization without that person’s permission first. I also made stories and other media using this art without asking first if I could, including rant posts that have now been taken down. This not only caused confusion between people who were involved in the community, but also made the artist heavily upset and angry. I would have done better if we made our own art to present our community.
  • Along with this, I have also published personal information about a person onto the Aclevo Website without consent or permission, leaking details about who this person is. This is especially one of the most regretful things I have ever done in my entire lifetime, as people could use that information to do very bad, evil, and naughty things. I now have to worry about whether or not people who archived the website can and will remove that personal information for the safety of everyone involved.
  • I also deleted any apologies, including parts of apologies, regarding these things and have not fixed the problems I have made, making those apologies look useless and just an excuse to blow off what was going on. I would have made myself a better person had I not deleted these apologies, and people would have trusted me more that I would have learned from my mistakes instead of making the same ones over and over again, ending either in an unforgiving cycle or death of whatever friendship I have ever made.
  • The worst mistake I have ever made involving the organization of Aclevo in general is trying to run a successful business when I was having a hard time dealing with other personal problems that ended up getting mixed into the community instead of simply being my sole problems. This is the reason why I made the first four mistakes in the first place, using emotion to destroy what was left of Aclevo. If anything, I should have left earlier and dealt with my problems seperately with the right counselling and support so I would have better learned how to handle those emotions I was facing in the past, resulting in ruining relationships, partnerships, work ethic, and positivity.

I truthfully regret these things that I have done in the past, and I apologize for all inconviences that I had caused to everyone involved, including all of the victims, members, and the fans of Aclevo. By finally putting my leadership to rest, I hope to recieve forgiveness for the things I’ve done, and move on to start a new path in 2020 with Treehouse. Henceforth, I wish to make a better and happier community from the new seeds that I am planting, and promote healing for everyone. I thank those who will accept my apologies and those who can see the better person I can actually be.

What’s Next?

As I continue into the new decade and year of 2020, I hope to set a new path for myself of persuing new healthy goals and dreams, as well as leave the unhealthy past behind. I am proud of the new Discord that I have made for me and my friends to hang out with that truthfully defines a community instead of being a business where work is expected from everybody who joins. So far, this approach has been very successful and prompted people who were previously working with me to join as well. I have also been more relaxed and less stressed, especially with less responsibility that I have to take care of. I can now worry more about managing my personal life and maintaining healthy relationships with friends on the internet.

While I am planning my own personal fun projects to persue, with optional assistance, I’m only thinking about working on them when I wish to, without any deadlines depending on free time. (My schedule is usually empty anyway, besides doctor’s appointments.) I am also going to only upload other content when I am in the mood to for personal reasons, as of currently. Other than that, I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of the year goes from here. Life is definitely a journey that you choose the path for. Thank you for reading this blog post and I hope you have a good rest of the day or night, depending on when you read this.

Auf Wiedersehen~

(P.S: Please let me know if saying that is okay with you. It means “Goodbye” in German.)