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Embracing The Future: New Blog for 2020

Posted on Monday - May 11, 2020

Welcome to my new website everyone, and thank you for stopping by. It’s been some time since I published a blog post, and now is a good time to make an update about how things are going these days and what’s changed. More importantly, it’s also a good time to answer a question that everyone must be wondering about right now, pertaining to the new look and feel of the blog. Spoiler: Yes, something happened to the blog, and it is intentional.

Up to today, I was still using Publii as my primary blog software to write blog posts and pages for my website in general. However, last Christmas I received a Chromebook and using it as a daily driver, allowing me to use the laptop to blog. Unfortunately, Publii doesn’t necessarily give me the experience I was looking for on it, and it doesn’t appear to support being able to edit websites on multiple devices very well. The last time I used the software, I did not see an direct option in the interface to use it this way either.

While I could tediously find a way to copy the website files to the devices or even put them on a cloud service so I could access them from anywhere with an internet connection, and possibly even tried another solution, I wanted a solution that just works. I wanted something that was going to be no hassle to work with, and out of the way so I could simply focus my efforts on writing. Sadly, Publii was no longer going to work for me for this case. I had to find a good solution that would fit my needs and my standards.

I decided to take the decision to stop using Publii and instead move to a static site generator that I could easily work with how I pleased, and this is why I rewrote my website in Gridsome. For those who are wondering, Gridsome is a static site generator for a Javascript framework called Vue.js, allowing me to easily build this new website and use an editor I’m comfortable with to create and edit blog posts and pages. I can even make a spreadsheet or a group of text-like files that’s easily compatible with this application.

Building up a new theme for it, I was able to essentially remove a ton of clutter on my website that would overcomplicate the appearance or increase load times. Now I provide readers with an experience solely for reading that easily and quickly runs on all modern devices that can connect to the internet. The website can also load faster and takes up less bandwidth for those who are using their phones on the go.

Best of all, it is likewise detached from the editor I use to write this content, meaning that readers can receive content securely and the files they recieve can be the same as those on the server that gives the content. Hooray for being able to stick with the server I use, as well as a feature that allows me to automatically update the website when I’m done editing! I honestly did not even have to pay a dime or a penny to set this up, and it just works as intended.

With all that being said, a blog would be useless to have if I didn’t make any content at all. While it is easier to make content with this new system I have built, I still need to think up ideas and actually write content. It simply won’t write itself, and stalling doesn’t get the words out. I now have all the tools I need to get started, and the first step is to finish this blog post, so let me know what you thought about this one by dropping a comment (once I get that working… cough cough Disqus cough cough) and tuning in for more content soon. I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!